earthSAK Cotton Bag Trees

EnviroTrend introduces our cotton bags!


100% natural biodegradable cotton

Generous size 55w x 45h (bag size)

Can easily be worn over the shoulder


Screen Printed

earthSAK Cotton Bag
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EnviroTrend introduces our cotton bags!

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Cute little MiniSAK™ makes a great lunch bag or anything really, when you only need to carry a few things. Fold it back down into its attached pouch and pop it in your handbag for when you need it next. Available in six designs – Blue Spots, Flutterby Pink, Grey Bloom, Leaves, Red Bloom and Sunbird – matching the full sized SAKitToMe bag. One for Mum and one for Bub!

SAKitToMe - Wren

SAKitToMe is the wisest choice in compact bags! Useful for so much more than the shopping - great for the beach, gym, pool and weekend sports. Take it on your next holiday and give one to each of the kids for swimming lessons or as a library bag.