SAKitToMe - Sydney

SAKitToMe is the wisest choice in compact bags! Useful for so much more than the shopping - great for the beach, gym, pool and weekend sports. Limited Edition SAKitToMe Sydney souvenir bag

SAKitToMe - The old favourite from the groceries to the beach - everyone's go to tote!

Sydney SAKitToMe
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PAKitToMe Wren

PAKitToMe is a compact polyester backpack which folds into itself - just 11 x 11cm when stored. It weighs just 115g and is perfect for travelling,school, sports or carrying those extra things to work.


Introducing the NEW LOL SAKitToMe Collection. Designed to give you a giggle, we all know someone who just has to have one of these!
From $8.33

SAKitToMe - Stripes

Part of the Pack & Go Collection which takes you from a family day out at the park to a trip away. Stylish, practical and lightweight bags in the beautiful Stripes Print.